Work with us.

Work with us.

What we do

Supermechanical is making a new generation of everyday tools that incorporates the best of physical and digital. So much technology fails to serve our needs. We want to give soul to electronics, and make connections between us.

Each week we get to directly affect the way tens of thousands of people perceive and interact with their physical world. We're addicted to the magic of programming the real world, and empowering all sorts of people to solve their challenges. We're small, so we each wear several hats and have the power to do wonderful things quickly.

We're proud to call Austin, TX home, with its sunshine, great food and music scene, and low cost of living. We're flexible about work schedule and working from home. We work intensely on the product, but we're informal about everything else.

If you're as passionate about building beautifully integrated hardware/software products as we are, we want to talk to you.

Mobile developer

Supermechanical is looking for a coder to work on our iOS apps, starting with the one for Range and Range Dial, our cooking thermometers. You'll be coding everything that people use to interact with their Supermechanical hardware, from the Bluetooth interface to the look and feel of the app. You're organized and move fast but on target. You're making an app, but your goal is to make it invisible for people who just want to get stuff done.

You know Objective C, perhaps dabbling in Swift. You have knowledge of other client or server-side languages like Javascript and Python. Any experience with Android or embedded C is a bonus, and you'll get an opportunity to pick it up. You also have an eye for design and can contribute to beautiful work. We care more about your experiences working and learning than your qualifications.

This is currently a contract position in Austin, TX. Contact us with work samples, GitHub repo, resume, favorite font, etc.