Arduino to Internet in a minute.

Twine + Cloud Shield makes it easy to email/tweet/text/call from your project.

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What is it?

Cloud Shield provides an interface for Arduino projects to talk to the Internet via Twine. Email, tweet, text message, text-to-speech phone call,* and send HTTP notifications that web applications can receive for all sorts of physical-web magic. It comes with an Arduino library and capacitive pads to trigger Twine actions with a line of code, your fingers or anything conductive.

Prototypers, artists and designers use Arduino to execute their vision — an interactive installation, a product interaction prototype, logging user activity for field research. But networking is messy, and your time is better spent making your idea great. Twine makes it easier to give your things a voice on the Internet.

Cloud Shield stacks on top of any Arduino board and connects to your Twine with the included 3' cable. With the Twine library for Arduino, it takes three lines of code to trigger any of the Internet actions that Twine supports. In addition, the Cloud Shield has two capacitive touchpads that let you trigger behavior using your fingers or anything conductive.

*SMS and voice calls with a paid Twine account, coming in March.

How to call with a banana


Download the library and get started with the Cloud Shield guide.